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Botanic All Natural Glow Serum

Botanic All Natural Glow Serum


Harness the power of nature with nourishing botanicals. Cleanse, sooth, and nurture your skin the natural way!

Facial Cleanser- Moisturizing and nourishing. Rich in Vitamins C, E, and A, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory soothing for sensitive skin, non-drying, promotes overall skin health. For all skin types. 

Moisturizing Toner Mist- Maintains skin's pH balance, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Rich in enzymes, Vitamins A & C, soothing, calming and hydrating. For all skin types.

Glow Serum- Improves elasticity and collagen levels, lifts and tightens, reduces appearance of wrinkles and age spots, slows premature aging, promotes clear skin. Naturally rich in Vitamins A, E & C. For all skin types. 

Curated in the USA.


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